Non Standard Construction Mortgages & Loans up to 75%

Mortgageable Property Types & Non-standard Construction acceptable to Enable Finance If you are concerned about whether your property is suitable for buy to let mortgage and remortgage lending purposes it may be worth scanning through this list. It should be pointed out that Enable Finance will consider lending up to 75% of the open market valuation for mortgage,  remortgage or secured loan purposes.

  • Non-Standard Construction
  • Concrete Prefab
  • Defective Property
  • Ex Local Authority or High Rise
  • Buy To Let Mortgages or Remortgages
  • Secured Loans (2nd Charge)
  • Free Quotes available

We provide Buy to Let mortgages on concrete

construction properties up to 75% loan to valuation.

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Properties we consider for buy to let mortgage purposes?

BRS Type 4 No Fines Atholl
Craft Cast Concrete Bell Livett
Fidler Birmingham Corporation
Forrester Marsh No Fines Bison
Incast House Boot
Laidlaw Thornton Braithwaite
Maxim Cornish 1 & 2
No Fines Corolite Cowieson
Osullivan No Fines Cranwell
Prometo Cruden
Sectra Cussins
Shepherd No Fines / Spacemaker Denis Wild
Storiform Dorlonco
Anchor Dorran
Birmingham Low Rise Dyke
BISF Mortgages Gregory
Blackburn MK 4 Hawthorn Leslie
Bryant Crossframe Howard
Bryant Wallframe Keyhouse Unibuilt
Camus Leeds Corporation
Carey Lindsay Type
Clunch Livett Cartwright
Cobb Lowton Cubitt
Crosswall Malt House
Fairclough Mucklow Plan
Glasgow Foamed Slag Myton & Myton Clyde
Lawrence MK 1 New Land
Lowe Riley Nissen Petren
Mowlem Fly Ash Nuttall
Reema Conclad Orlit
Salick Nichols Paragon
Scotcon Orlit Parkinson Frame
Skarnetype Reema HP
Spooner Riley
Stanley Block Schindler & Hawksley
Swidish Timber Framed Smith
System 4L Steane
Tee Beam Stent
Trada Stonecrete
Weir Tarran
Wentworth Modified Telford
Wilson Trusteel
Woolaway Underdown
AGB Modular Unity & Butterley
Adams Waller
Airey Wates
Arcal Wessex
Arial Whitson Fairhurst
Arcon Winget
Arrowhead Problem Contruction Property
Atherton More Property Types Below…

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A number of repair schemes have been approved and licensed by PRC Homes Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of the NHBC) and these are listed below.

Airey Curtins Cons Eng 005 Reema HP Brittain Hadley Ptnrs 082
Airey Blaenau Gwent Borough Council 007 SCH/Hawks Michael Dyson Assocs 065
Airey Thos Morgan Ptner 011 SCH/Hawks Kirkham Williams Lewis 070
Airey Rok-Crete Units 012 SCH/Hawks PRC Design Assocs 074
Airey PRC Design Assocs 014 Smith Curtins Cons Eng 051
Airey Michael Dyson Assocs 018 Stent Swan Developments 004
Airey Swan Developments 022 Stent Curtins Cons Engs 056
Airey Leeds City Council 033 Unity Curtins Cons Engs 007
Airey Swan Developments 076 Unity John Laing Construction 019
Boot M Dyson Assocs 054 Unity Curtins Cons Engs 020
Boot L B Richmond 079 Unity Michael Dyson Assocs 021
Cornish Curtins Cons Eng 001 Unity PRC Design Assocs 029
Cornish Swan Developments 002 Unity The Johns Ptnership 035
Cornish John Laing Construction 009 Unity J R Bacon 039
Cornish Rok-Crete Units 013 Unity Swan Developments 061
Cornish William Davies Ltd 015 Unity Kirkham Williams Lewis 067
Cornish Michael Dyson Assocs 016 Unity Craddy & Partner 078
Cornish PRC Design Assocs 024 Waites Michael Dyson Assocs 023
Cornish Kirkham Williams Lewis 032 Waites Broadway Const Ltd 041
Cornish Walsall MBC 049 Waites Swan Developments 043
Cornish Curtins Cons Eng 064 Waites Curtins Cons Engs 045
Doran Dinardo & Partners 060 Waites Lovell Cons Ltd 047
Gregory Curtins Cons Eng 072 Waites John Laing Const 058
Newland Calderdale MBC 069 Waites Kier Ltd 059
Newland Curtins Cons Eng 081 Waites PRC Design Assocs 075
Parkinsons Avebury Design Assocs 042 Woolaway Purpose Built Ltd 040
Parkinsons Michael Dyson Assoc 050 Woolaway (Houses) Curtins Cons Eng 006
Parkinsons KPA Consulting Engs 071 Woolaway (Houses) Michael Dyson Assocs 025
Parkinsons Brittan Hadley Ptnrs 083 Woolaway (Houses) Bristol City Council 028
Reema HP Michael Dyson Assoc 017 Woolaway (Houses) Ove Arup & Partners 044
Reema HP Curtins Cons Eng 046
Reema HP KPA Consulting Engs 063

Non Standard construction and concrete properties acceptable for a buy to let mortgage Apply On-line Click Here

Concrete built properties shown below are acceptable to the majority of our mortgage, secured loan and remortgage lenders, although some are only acceptable with a full satisfactory structural engineer’s report. Structural reports must be carried out within the guidelines for inspection of concrete houses as published by the Building Research Establishment. Whilst our lenders are prepared to consider properties subject to a structural engineer’s report, applicants must be made aware of the cost and that a decision to proceed with the loan cannot be made until the report has been fully assessed. Applicants must also be made fully aware of the possible cost for future remedial works, repairs, and maintenance. The structural report must be sent to the valuer to ensure the report and property are acceptable security for our lenders. Types of Propertis where a Structural Engineer’s Report may possibily be required by our more mainstream remortgage, mortgage or secured loan lenders.

Aberdeen Corporation Concrete Yes
Aberdeen In-Situ Concrete House Yes
Argisol Yes
Argyll Yes
Balancey Yes
Balfour Beatty Yes
Banton No-Fines Yes
Beanland No 2 Yes
Beaucrete Yes
Bellrock Yes
Bellstone No
Blackburn Yes
Broadmead Yes
Bryant Yes
Brydon No
Cast Rendered No-Fines No
Clegg Yes
Clugston Yes
Concrete Block No
Corplite No-Fines No
Corvus No
Drury System 3 Yes
Duo Yes
Duo Slab Acceptable only if refurbished after 1980 – Structural report required
Edron No
Fidler No
Gadey Yes
Gateshead Butterfly No
Hamish Cross Yes
Incast Houses No
Jemm Flatted Yes
Jones & Harvey Yes
Kenkast Bungalows 1970s Yes
Lamella No
Lawrence Mark 1 Yes
Lawrence Crosswall Yes
Lesser Yes
Maxim Yes
Miller No-Fines No
Miller Temporary Bungalow No
Morrell Yes
Mowlam Yes
Nissen Petren Yes
No-Fines No
New Decade Yes
Ossulivan No-Fines No
Schindler Gohner Yes
Scotconystem 3 No
Shepard Yes
Solvyt and Brick (Newcastle Area) Yes
SSHA Cellular Concrete Commissioner Houses No
SSHA Commissioners Resumption Houses No
SSHA Wartime Cellular Concrete Houses No
Stour Yes
Tee-Beam (England & Wales) Yes
Thain No
Thompson No
Townson Yes
Unitroy (England & Wales) Yes
Weir No
Wilson Block Yes
Wimpey No-Fines construction mortgages
Woolaway Bungalow Constuction houses


A & C Barvis Myton (England & Wales)
Anglian Metracon
Basingstoke Dev. Group Mitchell Camus
Beale & Son Modus
Belfry Myton-Clyde (Scotland)
Bison Myton-Solway
Blackburn Orlit (Scotland) N.C.B.
Boswell (England & Wales) Oakbridge
BTS Type 4 Orlit
Camus P.A.C. or P.A.L.
Carlton Permabuild
Cebus Polystyrene Concrete Sandwich Panels
Conclad (Reema) Ridgeway
Crudens Skarne SB2
Dare Sectra (John Laing)
Duplex Foamed Slag House Selleck Nicholls Williams
Dyke (England & Wales) Shepard Spacemaker
Edlo Sir Lindsay Parkinson
4L Factory Finished Homes Skarne
Forrester-Marsh Southend 3M
Fram B.R Stonecrete (England & Wales)
Fram Gerrard Stubbings Ind. Low Rates
Fram Russell Sundh
Gateshead Experimental Tarran-Clyde (Scotland)
Gerrard ‘Incon’ Tarran Mark 4 Temporary Bungalow (Scotland)
Glasgow Foamed Slag Tarran (England & Wales)
G.L.E Tarslag
Gregory Crosswall Houses Taylor Woodrow Anglian
Harlow Haddow Tee-Beam (Scotland)
Harry Neal Battery Cast Tracoba
Housing Development Construction Trento
H.S.S.B. System Truscan
Jesperson T.W.A.
LA’s Own: Dudley Underdown (England & Wales)
Laing/ B.R.S. Unitroy (Scotland)
John Laing Easiform Universal
Lasen & Nielson (T.W.A.) Waller (England & Wales)
Lecaplan Wates
Lindsay (Scotland) Watcon
M.F.C Weedon
Mac-Girling Wessex (England & Wales)
Mac-Gregory Whitcon
Wimpey No Fines (High Rise)
Winget House (England & Wales)
X.W. (Sellick Nicholls)
Y.D.P. Systems, X, XXX and Y