New Asset Finance Lender Added To The Panel At Enable Finance

Enable Finance is pleased to announce the addition of a new funding line for our clients. The new asset finance lender strengthens the panels and furthermore, ensures our clients have the access to finance their businesses need. Both hire purchase and lease are available and where the business needs to raise money from there existing assets we can offer an asset refinance option. 

Types of assets funded through our new funding line:

  • Vehicles – Commercial and cars
  • Coaches and Buses
  • Engineering / manufacturing equipment – brake press, guillotines, etc. tooling
  • CNC Machines
  • Lathes

Agricultural Finance

  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Machinery
  • milking parlors
  • Cows

Finance For Renewable Energy

  • Biomass boilers
  • Wind turbines
  • Solar Panels

Softer Assets that typically have less intrinsic value:

  • Bakery Equipment
  • Catering Equipment
  • Shop fittings including EPOS Systems & Counters
  • Refrigeration
  • Taxi Autocab Systems
  • IT/Computer Equipment – 90% Hardware (10% software if included in the deal)
  • Office Equipment & Furniture
  • Gym Equipment
  • Partitioning
  • Beauty Equipment
  • Arcade/Amusement Machines
  • Garage & MOT Equipment

Capital raising with asset refinance:

  • The asset(s) will need to have an intrinsic value and we would typically lend up to 75% of its value
  • For more information on asset refinance follow the link

For more information on asset finance and how you can use it within your business please visit our asset finance page or if you would like a finance quote for an asset you are thinking of buying click here


Asset Finance & Leasing After ING Withdraws From The Market

Naturally when ING Lease withdrew from the market in November 2012 it was a big shock to everyone and moreover was going to leave a large gap in the asset finance market.

Yesterday  was the third annual asset finance seminar, hosted by the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB), held at Church House in Westminster where around 100 delegates were in attendance. The significance was that it was the first conference after the withdrawal of ING Lease from the market, so there was plenty to discuss.

The panel addressed the first question: was the withdrawal of ING cataclysmic? The universal response was that it wasn’t as there are now more funders in the market than ever before.

Whilst ING Lease has left a £1 billion lending gap new entrants are entering the Asset Finance & Leasing sector to plug the gap. Being members of the NACFB Enable Finance is pleased to be ahead of the curve with new funding options for its clients.

Asset Finance & Leasing Driving Business Growth

business asset finance for growth Figures out today from the Finance and Leasing Association show that UK companies are using asset finance to support more investment in the plant and machinery, vehicles and IT equipment.

The statistics which are for the period November 2011 show a large increase ( fourteen percentage points) in plant and machinery with the highest increase coming in the information technology sector which enjoyed a twenty nine percent rise in finance. The only sector saw a decrease in funding was for Aircraft, Ships and Rolling Stock which declined by seventeen percent.

In 2011 Finance & Leasing Association members provided £72.7 billion of new finance to UK businesses and households. £20.9 billion of finance was provided to businesses and the public sector, representing around 27.5% of all fixed capital investment (excluding real property and own-account software) in the UK last year. To find out more about the FLA Click here

Video: Leasing & Asset Finance An Introduction

If you are new to the concept of leasing or asset finance as a business finance solution for you company then this video below is a great beginners guide. The video is presented by Mr. Jan Szmigin Managing Director of Leasing World Ltd. the industry trade magazine.

We hope you find the video useful and helps you understand where asset finance could help your business grow. If you have any questions please do get in touch or visit our asset finance page here for further information.

Enable Finance – growing your business is our business. 

Asset Finance Lender ING Lease to leave UK market

ing lease leave uk In a surprising statement its been confirmed this morning that one of Great Britain’s larger asset finance providers, ING Lease, will stop all new lending and will not take any new business after the end of November 2012.

ING Lease are known to have written over £1bn of new leasing business each year. This will represent a massive blow to UK businesses as effectively another billion pound of business credit has been removed from the business lending landscape.

If you would like to read more on this article click here   and you will be taken to Leasing Life the trade journal for the leasing industry.

This is of course going to effect many businesses in 2013 and beyond so if you are worried in about how your business funding strategy is going to work please do not hesitate in making contact with one of our professional advisors.

Six other ING Lease businesses are currently in run-off: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Hungary and Russia.