New Asset Finance Lender Added To The Panel At Enable Finance

Enable Finance is pleased to announce the addition of a new funding line for our clients. The new asset finance lender strengthens the panels and furthermore, ensures our clients have the access to finance their businesses need. Both hire purchase and lease are available and where the business needs to raise money from there existing assets we can offer an asset refinance option. 

Types of assets funded through our new funding line:

  • Vehicles – Commercial and cars
  • Coaches and Buses
  • Engineering / manufacturing equipment – brake press, guillotines, etc. tooling
  • CNC Machines
  • Lathes

Agricultural Finance

  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Machinery
  • milking parlors
  • Cows

Finance For Renewable Energy

  • Biomass boilers
  • Wind turbines
  • Solar Panels

Softer Assets that typically have less intrinsic value:

  • Bakery Equipment
  • Catering Equipment
  • Shop fittings including EPOS Systems & Counters
  • Refrigeration
  • Taxi Autocab Systems
  • IT/Computer Equipment – 90% Hardware (10% software if included in the deal)
  • Office Equipment & Furniture
  • Gym Equipment
  • Partitioning
  • Beauty Equipment
  • Arcade/Amusement Machines
  • Garage & MOT Equipment

Capital raising with asset refinance:

  • The asset(s) will need to have an intrinsic value and we would typically lend up to 75% of its value
  • For more information on asset refinance follow the link

For more information on asset finance and how you can use it within your business please visit our asset finance page or if you would like a finance quote for an asset you are thinking of buying click here


Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance complete £20 million deal

Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance has completed a £20 million asset based lending (ABL) deal which enabled Smiths News plc to acquire book wholesaler Bertram Group, a former division of the Woolworths group.

Swindon-based Smiths News demerged from WH Smith Group in 2006 and has grown to become the UK’s largest newspaper and magazine distributor, delivering over 59 million publications to 23,000 customers every week.

It has acquired the business and assets of Bertram Group, a leading wholesaler of books to independent, online and multiple retailers. Formally a subsidiary of Woolworths, the company operates from a 180,000 square feet distribution centre in Norwich. The enlarged firm will have a combined turnover in excess of £1.2 billion and will employ over 4,500 people.

Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance developed a £20 million package of working capital facilities secured against the value of the business’ existing assets to fund the acquisition and increase stock availability post-transaction. Asset Based Lending comprises of Invoice Discounting & Asset Refinance

Sale & Leasback Becomes Popular as Business Seeks Refinance

Sale and leaseback finance is becoming more popular as the economy forces businesses to reassess how their Company is funded.

Enable Finance – Leasing Division has recorded a rise in sale and leaseback deals of more than 50 per cent during 2008. This rise in asset refinance is further evidence that the British business owner has to be resourceful and look for alternatives sources of funding.

The tougher economic conditions are forcing Company Directors to take the time to consider how their business assets are used and strategically could they be utilized to inject cash back into the business. Business Asset Refinance is an area that as the recession continues firms could look at release cash and provide financial certainty.

A well structured sale and leaseback or refinance solutions can not only keep their businesses moving but save the Company money.

To find out more about Sale Leaseback please contact: Phillip Evans

Sale and Leaseback or Asset Refinance Can offer Cash Flow Life Line

As Banks carry on to tighten their lending criteria business overdrafts often the first in the firing line; gone have the days of readily available overdrafts or the flexibility to extend your facility easily.

Asset Refinance or otherwise known as sale and leaseback can be a welcome alternative for the progressive business owner in need of additional working capital.

Sale & Leaseback gives your company an instant cash injection. You can release the capital tied up in your commercial vehicle fleet, machines or business equipment and redeploy the cash back into the business as working capital. Sale and Leaseback can be used where your company already owns its assets. Your asset could be purchased at an agreed realistic market value and then leased or sold back to you through the funding method of your choice. Sale and Leaseback is an extremely effective and popular method of realising large amounts of ‘cash’ in return for asset title transfer. Naturally the company continues to use the assets in the course of its operating business.

The Business Finance team at Enable Finance believe in taking a holistic view at a Company’s financial requirement, it’s this broad stand point that allows our consultants to come up flexible and creative funding lines for a Company, who can often be in desperate need when their overdraft facility has been pulled or reduced.

The cash flow problems created when having your overdraft facility withdrawn can be immense often resulting in the business being unable to pay its trade suppliers, fore fill orders or even worse push the company into liquidation.

Cash flow within a business is essential; it truly is the difference between life and death if your business has been effected in any way by the tighten of Bank lending criteria or you would Enable Finance to discuss what alternative funding sources could be available to your business please contact Phillip Evans direct 01623 812902 or follow some of the links to find out more.

Bibby Leasing & Asset Finance Withdraws From the Market

It has been confirmed that Bibby Leasing Ltd has withdrawn from the commercial asset finance sector deciding to concentrate solely on its small ticket sales aid division.

Bibby Asset Finance had previously offered, leasing, hire purchase, sale and lease back and the ability for clients to refinance assets held within the business.

Enable Finance Ltd. can confirm that whilst Bibby is a loss to the industry as a whole Enable Finance do have a number of asset finance companies that are still very active and eager. If you wish to discuss any business finance or refinance issues please contact Phillip Evans or vist our Corporate Finance page.