Crowd Funding and Peer 2 Peer Lending

FCA logoThe Financial Conduct Authority published their Consultation Paper on “The FCA’s Regulatory Approach to Crowdfunding”. It was a landmark day in the emerging story of Crowd lending. The FCA has recognised that crowdfunding is beyond the boundaries of any financing arrangements they had ever previously imagined. It is, after all, a ground-breaking industry. The result is really refreshing and extremely positive; the FCA stand on Crowd lending is good for the overall development of the market.

For more information about crowd funding regulation visit  or for more information about  alternative sources of business finance follow this link crowdfunding & business loans to read our blog post and see how alternative finance can help grow your business

Useful Info-graphic about how crowd funding works

Crowdfunding Infographic

Alternative Business Finance – Invoice Auctions & Crowdfunding

crowd-funding & peer to peer lendingSmall to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) are still struggling to raise finance from the traditional and mainstream high street banks, so much so that a whole new business lending industry is growing fast. Peer to Peer lending and Crowd-funding use to be rare and uncommon but now more and more business owners need to be aware of these alternative sources of business finance. has access to and of course can arrange finance from peer to peer lenders or crowd-funding sources however, if your a business owner  its really worth while you reading the following article to give yourself more knowledge about this market place.

Factorscan, who are acknowledged as the leading provider of factoring market information in the world, speaks to the invoice trading platforms and peer-to-peer / crowd lending markets, on the rise of these alternative lending opportunities. Read the article here  If you have any questions about peer to peer lending or what crowd-fund could do for your business please feel free to write your questions in comments below or get in touch with one of our business advisor’s.